eOn mist, LLC Launches Direct to Consumer Sales at Chainsmokers Drive-In "Safe & Sound" Concert in Hamptons July 25th

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK, July 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- eOn mist, LLC today announced the launch of a direct-to-consumer web sales channel for their eOn Sanitizing Mist™ personal-sized continuous-spray hand sanitizer at https://eonmist.com/. The Company was formed 120 days ago and brought eOn Sanitizing Mist™ to market with deliveries to national retail chains within 24 days and total sales booked of $25 million in the first 120 days.

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eOn Sanitizing Mist™ Hand Sanitizer is the first 2 fluid ounce 80% ethyl alcohol, wide-angle continuous spray hand sanitizer available on the market, proven effective against 99.99% of germs. The packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable, unlike other sanitizing solutions, and is TSA-friendly as well. eOn Sanitizing Mist™ branded products are now available online directly from the Company as well as through CVS, Target, Albertsons, Rite Aid, Vons, Hudson News, Jewel Osco, TrueValue stores and more.

The Company is making its public debut on Saturday, July 25th with sponsorship of the "Safe & Sound" drive-in concert fundraiser presented by JaJa with the Chainsmokers as the headliners at Nova's Ark Project sculpture park in Water Mill. This is the Chainsmokers' first performance in five months and is a fundraiser for No Kid Hungry, Children's Medical Fund of New York and Southampton Fresh Air Home.

"We're excited to help assure a safe and germ-free experience for participants at 'Safe & Sound' by providing eOn Sanitizing Mist™ to all participants," said eOn mist co-founder Austin Hurst. "We're looking forward to providing 'eOn, for everyone.™' and are seeking audience feedback on our product. We believe this audience will enjoy the convenience of eOn Sanitizing Mist™'s protection on the go. It doesn't dry your hands and is paraben, dye and aluminum free."

"We've been working 120 hour weeks over the past 120 days to get to this point, and I'm very proud of all our team has accomplished in this short time. From formulation to dispenser design, marketing, manufacturing and distribution, we've accomplished a great deal over the past four months and this Saturday's event is an opportunity to celebrate and share with the audience and world what a great product eOn Sanitizing Mist™ is and just how far we've come. We've partnered with the absolute best providers to certify the provenance and quality of our sanitizing materials and assure that we meet or exceed all FDA standards," Hurst concluded.

Don Goodwin, Executive Vice President of Goodwin Company, stated that, "As the liquid manufacturer for eOn Sanitizing Mist, we applaud Mr. Hurst and his team for their commitment to innovation and responsibility in personal and hand sanitizing products. They have achieved their product development goals in a short time while meeting or exceeding all product quantity and regulatory requirements. We have had the privilege of working with many great people and companies in our 98 year history, and I would not be surprised if eOn becomes a household name in the near future."

eOn mist, LLC is based in Los Angeles, California. The Company's first Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) product, eOn Sanitizing Mist™, was created and brought to market in record time using rapid prototyping and manufacturing technologies. Learn more at https://eonmist.com/

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