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eOn hand sanitizer

hand sanitation
made simple.

Effective on
99.99% of
common germs

personal size
germ protection
on the go

80% ethyl alcohol

80% Ethyl Alcohol

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FDA Registered

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TSA Friendly

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Made in the USA

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Maximum strength solution
Food Chemicals Codex approved
No mess, just mist.

eOn mist's hand sanitizer packs high performance germ fighting power into easy, effective, everyday protection.

Hand iconTWIST to UNLOCK
Press down on cap end
1—2 sec from 6—8" away
Hand iconRUB until DRY
You're good to go
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Immediate action against 99.99% of common germs.

Lab tested Beaker icon formulation doesn’t dry or leave hands sticky Hand icon.

Child-safe Lock icon , zero-propellant, continuous spray Rotation icon action.

Wide angle Rotation icon mist covers handsHand icon in one quick spray.

190 proof, plant-based Corn Cob icon 80% Ethyl Alcohol solution Atom icon.

eOn mist, continous spray

Spray and go.

Precise hand sanitation wherever you go.

Rapid, effective, advanced delivery. Gentle on hands, strong on germs. The simplest, easiest way to sanitize hands—anywhere.


Fully Recyclable
FDA Registered
FCC Approved

What people are saying

My hands feel refreshed!

Star rating
I take it with me wherever I go, from the gym to the restaurant, one single spray gives me the confidence my hands are clean and completely germ free. Thanks for the cool product!

Jenny, AZ

Love the spray action

Star rating
The strength of the continuous spray surprised me, as well as the even mist it leaves on hands. Oh and the lock cap "click" is really satisfying. Recommended!

John, OH

No mess!

Star rating
It's just easier to spray and mist hands while on the go, it saves time and with 80% ethyl alcohol, I know I’m getting professional sanitation.

Teresa, TX


Star rating
Before we get out of the car I make my children hold out their hands and spray them all. It covers their tiny hands in one quick second. Makes safety simple.

Mary, WA


Star rating
I carry it in my pocket and bring it out for a quick spray when needed, the feeling of clean it leaves on my hands feels great and I definitely feel protected from taking germs to my face or bringing them back home to my family.

Mark, FL

Thank you, eOn!!

Star rating
I was tired of carrying around messy or ineffective gels, and wondered if there existed an easy to carry and use, industrial-grade "spray" hand sanitizer. eOn's just what I was looking for.

Blake, CA

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eOn mist™ multi-surface disinfectant