Our mission

Creating expert, integral and sustainable disinfectants & sanitizers for all walks of life—protecting what matters most—one disinfection at a time.

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That's why we work to ensure the chemicals and materials we use are 100% safe and effective, mindfully sourced, fully recyclable and manufactured under the most stringent health, safety and environmental practices—from the ground up.

Taking pride in this responsibility while learning and improving how our products are used in day-to-day life (and their impact as a whole), is our #1 goal.

We're committed to fostering and promoting hygienic lifestyles, innovative research and development, and ecological responsibility, in our mission to stand for best-in-class disinfection you can trust.

From on-the-go to at home, factory or daycare—eOn is about helping to create a healthy, clean environment—for everyone.

Everyday, professional-grade hygienics for a cleaner world.

eOn branded products are America’s premiere, TSA friendly, continuous spray packaged goods for on-the-go protection from common germs. Our products are available to promote well-being throughout your life.

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eOn mist™ multi-surface disinfectant